Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Abstract's Post #9 - Test Tower - Centralia WA. USA

HeebeeJeebee Land has struck again! It appears that the Abstract World of Francesco is in the 4th Dimension living quite comfortably! We are brothers in this world united with the joys of sending art through the mail! It is with this gentleman, who calls himself Test Tower, that the Abstract's World joined the rest of like minded artists in this beautiful realm of creativity! I have always thought myself alone in the ability to transform a plain white envelope into something that would make the receiver know exactly who it was from! Not such the case! And it was on a summer day that my newly found friend Test stumbled into the Abstract's Jupiter Gallery here in town and introduced me to the fabulous world of Mail Art and the many friends around the world!

To this my friend, I owe you my most sincere thanks! It is with this creative outlet that I now have been able to share my artwork with the world of other encouraging artists, thus filling my head with limitless inspirations and creations! Cheers my friend and thank you, as you have revived a spark of creative fire in my soul to create again!

Monday, February 1, 2010

The Abstract's Post # 8 - Irene Watts - Nevada USA

Here's how it came to the Abstract's World in true Mail Art form! What a pleasant surprise it was to see such whimsical wonders arrive! And this was just the envelope! I could not wait to see the surprise inside......

I have to say Irene that I got a good laugh at the bird on the back of the envelope! He has most certainly flown a long way to be a part of this Abstract World. I just love all the handmade envelopes too!

And I was not disappointed with what awaited me inside! Wonderful watercolors and mixed media inspired by one of my paintings and the great surrealist, Salvador Dali. Again this world we share in Mail Art is truly inspiring! I have been deeply touched by all the warm welcomes and wonderful pieces that keep coming in the mail to me! Thanks Irene for letting me know that I had inspired you to create! I enjoyed your piece very much....and BTW, my wife really LOVES your website and humor!

The Abstract's Post #7 -Rachel Freeman - Kansas, USA

All I can say about these little gems is WOW! WOW! WOW! Simply amazing! These scanned images can not do it justice. You will just have to send Rachel something in the mail in order to get one of these very time consuming collage art pieces! (I did not want to remove the protector sheet covering the images...sorry for the reflections) Well done, my fellow mail artist friend! And of course I would love to trade Mail Art with you! My piece is almost finished and I will be sending something this month!

The Abstract's Post #6 - Parys St. Martin - Durango CO USA

A wonderful journey arrived from the digital realm in Colorado! Beautifully colored in some of my favorite hues blended together to create a unique abstract piece. Like things created in the Abstract World of Francesco you see what you want to see. Apparently I see a bird and a face....what do you see friends? Thanks Parys St. Martin for this wonderful Mail Art piece!

Monday, January 18, 2010

The Abstract's Post #5 Wackystuff - Canada

Oh what a wacky world we live in indeed! I thoroughly enjoyed this one! To my surprise, as I creatively found a way to open the envelope without damaging it, a bunch of creations came leaping out! I do live my life in an abstract world, so I believe Mr Wackystuff, we may just become good friends! Thank you for the smiles your letter brought me! Everyday now, I run to the mailbox to see what's there! Now if only I could get back to creating my artwork instead of blogging.....!

The Abstract's Post #4 Wilma Duguay - Canada

What a warm welcome from Wilma! I am thoroughly enjoying all of the stamps and cancellations on the envelopes and cards! This one in particular has a very favorite scene of mine in it....the ocean and the sunset. Makes you feel kind of small standing next to something so vast! Thanks Wilma!

The Abstract's Post #3 Debbie Dosanko - Japan

It never ceases to amaze me this wonderful world we live in! The beautiful discoveries from nature can become a wonderful piece of Mail Art! It is here that I learned about a style called Etegami. Thanks Debbie....(and it even came laminated too!)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Abstract's Post #2 Katerina Nikoltsou - Greece

Here is a wonderful welcome letter from the beautiful blue oceans of Greece! Thanks Katerina for the dots and dashes and the New Year Mail Art wishes!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Abstract's Post #1- Test Tower - Centralia, WA.

Upon entering this world for the first time I encountered Mr. Test Tower and his world of HeeBee JeeBee Land just next door in the 4th dimension! Quite a warm welcome and a great introduction to this most awesome place!