Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Abstract's Post #9 - Test Tower - Centralia WA. USA

HeebeeJeebee Land has struck again! It appears that the Abstract World of Francesco is in the 4th Dimension living quite comfortably! We are brothers in this world united with the joys of sending art through the mail! It is with this gentleman, who calls himself Test Tower, that the Abstract's World joined the rest of like minded artists in this beautiful realm of creativity! I have always thought myself alone in the ability to transform a plain white envelope into something that would make the receiver know exactly who it was from! Not such the case! And it was on a summer day that my newly found friend Test stumbled into the Abstract's Jupiter Gallery here in town and introduced me to the fabulous world of Mail Art and the many friends around the world!

To this my friend, I owe you my most sincere thanks! It is with this creative outlet that I now have been able to share my artwork with the world of other encouraging artists, thus filling my head with limitless inspirations and creations! Cheers my friend and thank you, as you have revived a spark of creative fire in my soul to create again!

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